Vertiv LiebertĀ® GXT RT+ Range (1000-3000VA)

Product Description

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT RT+ from Specialist Power Systems is an online double conversion solution which offers power protection in an affordable, efficient system with deployment and operation flexibility.

The high 0.9 power factor of the single-phase Liebert GXT RT+ enables continuous, reliable power to more connected devices from a wide range of input voltages while being energy efficient and, delivering maximum value.

The ECO mode of operation for this already affordable UPS also drives energy cost savings for a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO).

Being able to mount the Liebert GXT RT+ in a rack or tower is a convenience that adds to the value story as does the capability of the UPS to utilize up to six connected external battery cabinets for scalable runtimes.

In addition to the extended runtime, having multiple monitoring options makes this compact UPS ideal for delivering best-in-class power protection to equipment deployed at the edge of networks or in space-constrained facilities.

Liebert GXT RT+ Features

  • Online technology with two stages of power conversion
  • Output power factor higher than majority of comparable competitor models
  • Flexible rack/tower form factor
  • External battery cabinet compatibility
  • User-friendly liquid crystal display (LCD) y High efficiency ECO mode
  • Smart battery charger design
  • Wide input voltage operation (120-300V AC)

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to Vertiv in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

Product Specification

Capacity (VA / kVA)

1000 - 3000 VA

Form Factor

Rack / Tower



Warranty Length

2 Years

Battery Type

Lead Acid

2 years
Vertiv GXT RT+ tower UPS with battery cabinet from Specialist Power Systems
Vertiv GXT RT+ rack UPS with battery cabinet from Specialist Power Systems
Vertiv GXT RT+ UPS range with battery cabinet from Specialist Power Systems

Optional Accessories

Here at Specialist Power Systems we offer a wide range of manufacturer specific accessories from a UPS Network Card through to an External Maintenance Bypass Switch. Please get in touch so we can ensure you get exactly what you need to stay protected.

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