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Range of UPS Products from Socomec

Specialist Power Systems are an Official Reseller and Authorised Service Partner for Socomec.
All our engineers are factory trained and approved, so in the unlikely event of a problem with your Socomec UPS, we are here to help. Because of our Socomec UPS UK distributor partner status, all Socomec products from Specialist Power Systems come with up to 3 years parts and labour warranty depending on the range for that extra peace of mind.

Check out the full range of Socomec UPS by downloading the Socomec product catalogue

What is an Online UPS ?

An online or double conversion UPS takes the input AC (Alternating Current) mains and supplies a rectifier which then converts this AC source into DC (Direct Current). The batteries are then usually connected to the DC bus created by the rectifier. Charging of the batteries can be done directly via the DC bus or via separate DC Charging circuit.

The DC supply from the rectifier supplies the Inverter section so that the load is always protected by the inverter and thus maintains a constant output supply regardless of the mains input voltage. Whilst the inverter tracks and synchronises its output waveform to that of the incoming supply the output voltage and frequency are maintained at a constant preset value. The ability to synchronise with the mains allows the UPS to switch from inverter to mains supply seamlessly in the event of a fault, overload or for maintenance purposes.

In the event of a mains outage the DC Bus and inverter are supplied directly from the batteries without any break in output supply.

The conversion from AC to DC and back to AC offers the best protection from all mains deviations and is where the term double conversion is derived.

What is a Line Interactive UPS ?

A line-interactive UPS keeps the inverter online at all times and simply switches from charging mode to battery power in the event of a power failure.

With this topology, the UPS inverter is always online and thus the protected load benefits from a constant preset output voltage. When the input AC power (mains supply) is within tolerance, the UPS inverter acts in reverse and is able to charge the batteries. If the input power fails, the transfer switch will open and the power will flow from the battery, through the inverter to the UPS load. A line interactive UPS also incorporates an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which utilises  transformers to either boost or reduce the incoming supply should it fall just outside of the preset input tolerances. This feature prevents the batteries from being discharged when the input source is unsteady or unreliable but only slightly outside of an acceptable voltage window. There will also be additional filtering and there is no break in output supply in the event of a mains disturbance as the inverter is always connected to the critical load.

Who are Socomec ?

For the past 100 years, Socomec have partnered with businesses to continuously evolve their products and services. Including modular UPS and scalable solutions, Socomec’s high performance UPS ensure the power protection of critical applications.

Designed with customer’s current and future needs in mind, Socomec’s pioneering technologies guarantee the best possible reliability and highest levels of UPS availability for your electrical power supply. Socomec products are designed and developed by a talented team of in-house engineers with a real depth and wide knowledge in power electronics and digital controls. Their expertise in manufacturing - combined with the use of only the highest quality components in the most efficient production and testing processes – means that when it comes to reliability Socomec products are unrivalled.

As one of a limited number of UK approved partners, every Socomec UPS purchased from us comes with an advanced replacement or parts and labour warranty up to 3 years. This combined with industry leading support makes Socomec uninterruptible power supplies an ideal choice for your UPS power protection.

What makes Socomec different?

Data centres, healthcare buildings, industry, commercial buildings and infrastructure – when your activity is critical, vital or essential, Socomec products are by your side.

We are Approved Socomec partners

When energy matters, we give our passion and expertise to serve your energy performance. When we work together, we are part of your team. Our Socomec experts become your experts to maximize the potential of your energy.

Socomec are UPS specialists and pioneers

When energy matters, Socomec do everything possible to provide end-users with the most dependable and innovative solutions – that are the perfect fit for you. For nearly a century, they have earned our trust by placing reliability and performance at the heart of what they do. Experimentation is in their DNA: always learning, always discovering, always innovating.

Socomec’s AC and DC equipment combine their expertise in energy switching, measurement, conversion, and storage, for ever more available, secure, flexible and efficient energy. We know that one size does not fit all, which is why our standard offer can create tailor-made solutions.

Socomec take care of energy

When energy matters, Socomec mobilise their forces to accelerate your energy transition. Every day, they help you to take full advantage of all that renewable energy has to offer. In a constantly changing energy landscape, Socomec find solutions to your most complex challenges.

By combining their know-how and technologies – along with the sustainability of their products – Socomec will work with us to contribute to a more responsible world.