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If you are looking for a standby diesel generator to provide backup power and want to work with a company who look at generators as part of a bigger backup solution, then we can help.  

Here is a quick overview of what we offer but please read on for full details of our standby generator offer.

  • The complete range of diesel generators from SDMO / Kohler and Pramac (5kVA through to 3000kVA)
  • Unique turnkey approach including initial consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning, and ongoing generator maintenance
  • Bespoke generator solutions including full containerised builds and sound attenuated solutions to client specifications
  • Over 20 years’ experience supplying backup generators with expert in-house technical support and extensive project management experience.


We cover more details about our standby diesel generator offering below. We explain how our unique turnkey solution looks at generators as part of your overall backup solution and the reasons why we work closely with both SDMO/Kohler and Pramac.

If you would rather speak to one of our experts, give us a call or email to discuss your standby generator requirements.

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Over 20 Years’ Experience Supplying Commercial Generators

Specialist Power Systems have been supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining generators for over 20 years and can provide the complete range of standby generators from SDMO/Kohler and Pramac.

Purchasing a suitable backup generator can be a very complex process. There are many factors to consider including the following.

  • Location
  • Space planning
  • Autonomy
  • Starting currents
  • Harmonics
  • Synchronisation
  • Noise levels
  • Operating environment
  • Planning Permission Consent

The experts at Specialist Power Systems can help with all aspects of this process. We will spend time to understand the project brief and then provide the best solution.

Our Unique Generator Turnkey Approach

Where Specialist Power Systems are different is that we can offer the complete turnkey solution to your standby power strategy, offering the entire range of products to build a complete solution.

Why not look at our other products which are often included as part of the broader standby power strategy. See our range of UPS and Emergency Lighting/Central Battery Systems.

Specialist Power Systems don't just look at the initial generator requirements. We also offer whole life support using our extensive generator service and maintenance contracts.

Often, we are placing the standby diesel generator into a much greater overall design. We take into consideration other sizing factors for equipment such as (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch, (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies and (AC) Air Conditioning.

We look at what type of loads are involved and whether they might be inductive, capacitive or reactive. By doing this we ensure overall system resilience from the outset.

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How a Standby Generator Works

Backup power can be provided for short to medium periods of time using just a UPS. However, this can become costly when applications require extended runtimes.

This is when a generator solution will be more suitable due to the high capital cost of large battery banks and the need for those to be replaced at the end of their respective design life (5 or 10yr intervals).

Typically for a backup generator to work in an automated way, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is connected to the mains power, the standby generator, and the load. If the mains power should fail for any reason, the ATS sends a signal to the backup generator to start up and automatically switches the connected load from the mains supply to the emergency generator supply.

Standby Generators Provide Longer Runtimes

It will take approximately 10-20 seconds following a mains failure for the backup generator to re-energise the load. To keep your critical systems up and running until the emergency generator takes over, you will need a UPS to sit between the ATS and the load for a seamless transition from mains to backup generator power.

Usually, critical systems will be fed from a UPS which will provide zero break in power in the event of a mains failure with other non-essential circuits going off for a short period before being re-instated from the generator supply.

The main advantages of a generator setup are that they provide longer runtimes, have significantly lower life cycle costs versus a UPS only setup with a large battery bank and can often hold a higher residual value over a longer time period.

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Generators From SDMO / Kohler

We design, supply, install, and maintain Kohler generators for all your requirements.

Offering a product range from 5-3000kVA using SDMO from Kohler - a well-recognised and valued European brand with a proven track record and a reputation for extremely good reliability in the UK.

Generators From Pramac

We design, supply, install, and maintain the complete range of Pramac generators - a global benchmark for the production of generators, battery energy storage systems, lighting towers and warehouse material handling equipment.

Click here to read all about our Pramac product offering

Working with generators for over 20 years we have supplied systems into many different locations:

  • Capita SDMO J165
  • Lockheed Martin SDMO J88 & SDMO V350
  • RAF Fairford 2 x SDMO J110, 2 X SDMO J65, SDMO J88
  • Accenture SDMO D440kVA
  • Orchid Cellmark SDMO 2 x SDMO J220 & SDMO J110 & SDMO J44
  • Thales Defence SDMO D275
  • Connells Estate Agents 2 x SDMO J220
  • Cross Manufacturing SDMO J44
  • Fiserv SDMO D330
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio / Qualcomm SDMO V650
  • Wework SDMO J220
  • RM Distribution 2 x SDMO J88
  • RR Donnelley 1 x SDMO V770

We Offer The Complete Generator Package

Implementing a standby generator solution is not always a straight-forward process, but here at Specialist Power Systems we have a very experienced team who will be able to help with all elements of the process including:

  • Consultancy – Initial discussions, site survey, client brief, future requirements
  • Design – Formed based on client consultation, survey findings and future requirements
  • Delivery – Management of all aspects including any cranage or non-standard hurdles
  • Installation – Electrical & Mechanical installation on-site
  • Maintenance – Ongoing servicing and call out contracts, engineer to site within 4 hours


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Generator Service and Maintenance Contracts Available

To support our customers, we also offer flexible generator service and maintenance contracts. Specialist Power Systems can provide total piece of mind and offer the flexibility to choose the level of service package needed to ensure that risks and costs are minimised throughout the lifetime of your generator.

So, if you are looking for a long run time back-up solution, get in touch with us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help.

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