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Your business maybe expanding, and you need to move location. You may wish to downsize to a smaller premises. Or you simply wish to move your current UPS and/or generator to a different part of the building.

Our specialist relocation and removal services are what you need. Here at Specialist Power, we treat every removal or relocation like a new install and our in-house project team will manage everything from start to finish.

We know that moving house comes with complications and stresses. Moving critical power systems adds further complexities but with over 20 years’ experience and industry knowledge, our relocation and removal services will facilitate a smooth transfer.

Here is a quick overview of what we can offer but please read on for full details of our services.

  • Turnkey UPS and/or generator relocation or removal service
  • Removal, relocation, installation, and commissioning by trained engineers
  • All electrical works carried out to BS7671
  • Specialist logistics team to manage all transportation
  • All works accompanied by full risk assessment and method statement
  • UK nationwide service available


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We cover more details about our removal and relocation services below. We explain what is involved with both a UPS and generator removal and how our turnkey approach and attention to detail will make sure your systems removal is always in safe hands.

But if you would rather speak to one of our experts, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your relocation/removal requirements.

Professional Approach to Every Relocation or Removal

Much like our UPS and generator installations, our fully qualified engineers follow a professional approach to every relocation or removal.

Our project managers and engineers work together to manage every aspect of your project. From the initial survey, right the way through to final electrical testing and commissioning.

Our engineers are qualified to Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) standards and all electrical installations meet strict National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) criteria and conform to BS7671.

We offer a full turn-key solution to carry out the removal, relocation, installation, and commissioning of your UPS and/or generator efficiently and safely wherever and whenever required.

Read on to find out about each stage of the process.

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Full Site Survey at Existing and New Site/Location

We always start every new project with a free site survey of both the existing and new sites so we can get a detailed understanding of your requirements. A survey would be carried out by one of our power management specialists who follow a comprehensive site survey audit process.

We typically look at a standard set of questions to identify your removal or relocation needs and highlight any potential areas that require further investigation.

  • Existing installation and configuration
  • Proposed location and power availability
  • Logistics and transportation requirements plus any delivery permits
  • Identify crane, Hi-Ab requirement
  • Electrical infrastructure and capacity
  • Planning Consent
  • Disposal requirements


We Always Provide a Detailed Risk Assessment / Method Statement

Once we have a complete understanding of the project, we will provide a detailed, site specific risk assessment and method statement (RA/MS).

Our comprehensive risk assessment will evaluate not just the potential health and safety aspects of the project but also consider the risk to your business.

We will highlight key points in the process that could mean temporary disruption to your critical supplies to allow you to manage and control these risks, minimising down-time and business critical operations.

Our method statement will provide a detailed step by step process that will ensure a smooth and efficient relocation of your critical infrastructure. We will highlight areas that require particular attention and clearly define what actions will occur and when.

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What is Included in a RA/MS

Our RA/MS will include (but not limited to)

  • Decommissioning UPS and/or generator
  • Electrical disconnection and make safe protocols
  • Battery isolation and disconnection
  • Safe transportation of equipment using approved logistics specialists
  • Electrical installation method
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Final testing and handover
  • Timeline for all works

Preparation Works Always Come First in Any Project

We will ensure that the relocation process is as smooth as possible with the minimum amount of down-time or disruption to your critical services. We will perform as much non-intrusive elements of the project before any of the de-commissioning process begins.

We will install all the new electrical infrastructure and containment prior to the relocation works so that when the time comes to move the systems, everything is already in place for re-connection.

If re-locating a generator, we will have the new hard standing concrete plinths and any groundworks, including fencing or enclosures completed and ready to go.

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Decommission of the UPS / Generator Comes Next

When all the pre-works are completed and we have the green light to commence critical works, we can start the process of safely de-commissioning your existing systems. Both the UPS and generator will be electrically isolated and all supply breakers will be shut down and locked off.

With Specialist Power Systems, safety comes first so we make sure that the UPS and/or generator is powered down completely and perform all electrical dead checks as per manufacturers recommendations. All works will be carried out by fully trained and qualified engineers.

UPS batteries will be disconnected, palletised and shrink wrapped, ready for the transportation stage. Similarly, the generator will be drained of fuel and other contaminants so that it too can be re-positioned with minimum risk to the environment from accidental spills.

All electrical cabling will be removed and termination points made safe.

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Transportation of Critical Equipment by Qualified Logisics Experts

Once safely de-commissioned, your critical equipment can now be physically relocated to its new destination. This could be a new location on your existing site or require road transport to a completely new site.

Specialist Power engage fully qualified logistics teams to ensure the movement of your UPS and generators is handled by professional and competent experts.

We can manage simple re-locations requiring just a pallet truck to an adjacent room or building to complex removals requiring, stair walkers, hi-abs, cranes or other specialist transportation skills.

Your critical equipment will be positioned securely in its final location, ready to be electrically installed by our team of experts.

Final Stage is Re-Commissioning and Testing

Once the UPS/generator is safely positioned in the new location they will be mechanically inspected to ensure there has been no accidental damage during the transportation process.

Our electrical team will ensure that your critical systems are re-installed by our ECA / NICEIC qualified electricians and certified to BS7671.

The UPS batteries will be re-assembled and connected to the UPS ready for commissioning. Your generator will be re-fuelled and primed in preparation for final testing and handover.

Our specialist UPS and generator engineers will carry out the final checks and ensure that we hand over your newly located systems fully operational and ready to protect your business.

For full details of our installation and commissioning procedures please click here

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Whatever size UPS or generator you have, we can safely and professionally relocate to a new site or simply remove and dispose. Get in touch with us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to find out how we can help.

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