Riello UPS Sentinel Rack Range (1.5-3kVA)

Product Description

The Sentinel Rack range from Specialist Power Systems takes all the features and qualities of the Sentinel Pro series and places them in a rackmount design suitable for all standard 19 inch cabinets.

Available in 1500 kVA and 3000 kVA models, both products have a depth of just 380mm which makes them an ideal solution for upgrading power in server rooms with 600mm deep legacy racks. Using advanced online double conversion technology, these single-phase uninterruptible power supplies ensure high-quality power for mission-critical loads including server rooms, data processing IT systems, and telecommunications systems. It protects against power failures by filtering and stabilising the mains to ensure a clean and consistent supply.

The Sentinel Rack comes with a range of UPS operating modes designed to optimise performance and reduce power consumption:

  • Online Mode: maximum load protection and output voltage quality 
  • Eco Mode: maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by the mains only 
  • Smart Active Mode: UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of the incoming supply 
  • Standby Off Mode: for loads such as emergency lighting, which don’t need power until the mains supply fails 
  • Frequency Converter Mode: enables the output frequency to be different to the UPS input frequency 

Delivering a power factor of 0.9, the Sentinel Rack has a fully microprocessor-controlled inverter and a high overload capacity of 150%. It can also deal with a wide range of input voltages (140V to 276V).

The Cold Start feature enables the UPS to power up even without a mains supply, while power consumption is reduced during sustained periods of inactivity thanks to an automatic shutdown feature (Eco line).

The Large touchscreen LCD display panel clearly shows all key measurements such as input and output voltage, remaining battery charge, and the UPS operating status.

The Sentinel Rack integrates with Riello UPS’s range of advanced communications software, including PowerShield3 which allows for the safe shutdown of all connected equipment.

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to Riello UPS in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

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