APC Symmetra PX Range (16-500kVA)

Product Description

The APC Symmetra PX range from Specialist Power Systems is a world class, redundant, scalable, 3 Phase UPS power protection system designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability.

Seamlessly integrating into today's state-of-the-art data center designs, the Symmetra PX is a true modular system. Made up of dedicated and redundant modules--power, intelligence, battery and bypass, all engineered into a design that is easily and efficiently serviceable, this architecture can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. 

The Symmetra PX serves as the core power train that drives InfraStruXure® systems for small and medium data centers but can also power individual "zones" of larger data centers. Highly manageable, the Symmetra PX features self-diagnostic capabilities and standardized modules which mitigate the risk of human error resulting in increased overall data center reliability.


  • SmartSlot allows the user to customize the UPS capabilities with management cards.
  • Programmable frequency ensures compatibility with different input frequencies.
  • Scalable power capacity reduces UPS over-sizing costs today by allowing quick power upgrades, within the same footprint, later.


  • Integrates with StruxureWare Data Center Expert - an IT-ready, scalable access monitoring system that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network
  • Audible alarms provide notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions
  • LED status indicators quickly understand unit and power status with visual indicators.


  • A modular design provides scalability, N+1 redundancy, fast serviceability, and reduced maintenance requirements via self-diagnosing, hot-swappable, and field-replaceable modules.
  • Network manageable provides remote power management of the UPS over the network.
  • Power Modules connected in parallel enhances availability by allowing immediate, seamless recovery from isolated module failures.
  • Redundant Intelligence Modules provide higher availability to the UPS connected loads by giving redundant communication paths to critical UPS functions.
  • Swappable power modules allow quick addition of power capacity or replacement of existing power modules. Installed modules are automatically recognized by the system.
  • Configurable for N+1 internal redundancy provides high availability through redundancy by allowing configuration with one more Power Module than is necessary to support the connected load.
  • Automatic internal bypass supplies utility power to the connected loads in the event of a UPS power overload or fault.

Total cost of Ownership

  • Fully rated power kVA equals kW reduces cost by eliminating the need for an oversized UPS for Power Factor Corrected (PFC) loads.
  • Generator compatible ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment when generator power is used.
  • Input Power Factor Correction minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling.
  • 5x8 Start-up service included required for full coverage of factory warranty


  • EU CoC for UPS ensures that UPSs sold in the EU are highly efficient.                                   

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to APC in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

Product Specification

Capacity (VA / kVA)

16 kVA - 500 kVA

Form Factor




Warranty Length

1 Year

Battery Type

Lead Acid

1 year
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems
APC Symmetra PX modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems

Optional Accessories

Here at Specialist Power Systems we offer a wide range of manufacturer specific accessories from a UPS Network Card through to an External Maintenance Bypass Switch. Please get in touch so we can ensure you get exactly what you need to stay protected.

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