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Fiamm FLB Series (26Ah-150Ah)

Product Description

The Fiamm FLB Highlite series of batteries from Specialist Power Systems have been designed to deliver the highest performance whilst combining excellent reliability and float-life. The high energy density of the range allows for a compact battery layout and footprint, therefore reducing the installation space. 

All batteries in the FLB series use absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology and are non-spillable, maintenance free, non-hazardous for air, sea, and road transport and 100% recyclable, making these batteries a safe and environmentally friendly standby power option.


  • 6 and 12 volt monoblocs  
  • Very high energy density allows more compact battery layout and footprint  
  • Easy installation in cabinets or racks  
  • Non-spillable  
  • Flame retardant plastics  
  • VRLA AGM and gas recombination technology with 99% internal recombination  
  • Maintenance free without topping-up  
  • Non-hazardous for air/sea/rail/ road transportation  
  • 100% Recyclable.                                              

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to Fiamm in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

1 Year Warranty No Parts
Fiamm 12FLB100 battery from Specialist Power Systems
Fiamm 12FLB150 battery from Specialist Power Systems
Fiamm 12FLB250 battery from Specialist Power Systems
Fiamm 12FLB400 battery from Specialist Power Systems
Fiamm 12FLB450 battery from Specialist Power Systems
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