November 2023

CyberFort Data Centre & Colocation


We love talking about all the great projects we get involved with at Specialist Power!!

We get to work with some amazing companies and great people but sometimes a project happens that is unique in its surroundings and ticks all the boxes – and Cyberfort certainly did that.

From extremely challenging access and delivery routes to hundreds of metres of cabling, bespoke LV electrical switchboard and 4 x100 kVA UPS as a 300 kVA n+1 parallel system – this had it all.

And all completed ahead of time and on budget.

Carry on reading below to find out about this unique and exciting project.

Cyberfort Provides World Class Cyber Security

We were asked by Cyberfort, a long-standing customer of Specialist Power Systems where we have looked after their UPS systems at both their Kent and Newbury locations since 2008 to upgrade their UPS and supporting infrastructure.

Cyberfort (previously known as ‘The Bunker’) due to its unique underground design is an ultra-secure colocation and cloud hosting data centre.

Housed in former military command and control nuclear bunkers, they offer enough protection to literally withstand an army.

“Principally, Cyberfort exists to provide our clients with the peace-of-mind about the security of their data and the compliance of their business, which is much needed in our increasingly data hungry world.”

Andy Hague, Cyberfort CEO

Operating since 1984, Cyberfort offers the highest level of protection for companies’ business critical data and applications with military grade security.

With ever changing demands on data, security has never been more of a priority, and Cyberfort offers complete security to keep businesses protected 24/7/365.

As a business offering secure space where infrastructure can’t afford to fail, having a reliable and fully working UPS and supporting infrastructure in place is crucial so that Cyberfort and its customers continue to operate without disruption regardless of the situation.

This is where this project starts.

Background to the Project

With state art of the art cyber security comes a huge reliance on having a fully working backup solution to make sure that power never goes down.

The ageing x6 Riello UPS Multi Dialog 80 kVA units were nearing end of life and the costs to maintain and repair these UPS systems was becoming increasingly more expensive and unviable.

The decision was made by the client to phase out the existing UPS and replace with new more efficient technology.

After several quote revisions and redesigns, the total cost of ownership based on old versus new meant that the efficiencies of the new units were significant, and we were awarded the project.

Significant Challenges to the Project

Our UPS team love a challenge and this project had plenty from the start.

The biggest and most significant one to plan for was the environment in which we had to work in and to make sure the design of the UPS was achievable.

With the data centre located in a bunker 5 metres underground and only a relatively small opening to lower the equipment down, we were limited to what options were available to the client and we had to get this right from the start.


Each item could not exceed the 1000kg lifting beam rating and a restricted aperture size meant that we were limited in the dimensions of each unit as some options simply would not fit or would exceed the weight capacity of the hoisting system used to lower the equipment down.

As the transfer of the load from the old UPS (x6 80 kVA Riello Multi Dialog’s) to new was to be steadily staggered over the next 12 months the existing infrastructure had to remain in situ meaning the new installation included for x2 new 630A Electrical Supplies from A & B sub stations, a new Form 4 UPS Electrical Switchboard and x4 100 kVA Riello UPS Multi Sentry systems connected as a 300 kVA n+1 redundant system.

From the output section of the new electrical panel, we had to install x6 250A supplies to new Schneider distribution boards in various data halls around the site.

Due to the phased transition period we had to install all new infrastructure from the x2 site transformers which would run 102 metres from substation A and 146 metres from substation B to the new Electrical switch board in the UPS room.

Both substations are already backed up by the site standby generators.

All the new LV cables needed to be trenched 85 metres through an area that was already housing existing services. The area was CAT scanned first, however some sections had to be hand dug to avoid any interference with existing services.

Our approved contractor Lewis Electrical provided all on-site electrical installation works on behalf of SPS.

Making the Move to Multi Sentry

With the emphasis on lower cost of ownership and influenced by the restrictions on space and weight, it was decided the best UPS product to replace the old units with was x4 100 kVA Riello UPS Multi Sentry units connected in parallel to provide 300 kVA N+1 resilience.

The Multi Sentry delivers exceptional performance and efficiency in one of the most compact footprints in its category, making it the perfect solution for the restricted spaces we had to work with in The Bunker.

As an Official Riello Service Partner all our engineers are Riello trained and certified.

We get immediate access to manufacturer spare parts, software and factory support and for peace of mind, the units are covered by an industry leading 3-year parts and labour warranty in the unlikely event of a UPS fault.

Supporting the UPS

To support the UPS in the event of an extended power outage, each Multi Sentry unit was connected to strings of Yuasa SWL2500FR batteries. 

These are 10 year design life flame retardant blocks and conform to BS6290pt4 widely regarded as best of breed batteries for this application.

A 3-year warranty is also provided on individual battery blocks.

Individually Designed Anord Mardix Switchboard

To complete the project, we designed and installed;

  • An Anord Mardix 630A Form 4 electrical switchboard with 2 x 630A incomers.
  • A fully rated automatic transfer switch for x2 incoming supplies.
  • Switchgear for x4 100 kVA UPS systems.
  • Castell interlocked wrap around maintenance bypass switch.
  • x6 250A outgoing ways to feed the new Schneider DB’S located in various data halls.

The panel was provided with full Schneider metering on all MCB’s/circuits for remote monitoring of the data centre loads and full integration with the site Building Management Systems.

Full Turnkey Project

As an established company that provides backup power solutions to businesses across the UK, we were able to provide Cyberfort with the complete turnkey solution and manage in-house - all design, installation, commissioning, project management and maintenance services.

Our project team and UPS engineers worked together with our electrical contractors Lewis Electrical to manage every aspect of Cyberfort’s installation.

From the initial design, right the way through to final electrical testing and commissioning.

The Uninterruptible Power Supplies and switchboard is what you see in the UPS room but there is always a lot more to consider that is not seen.

Our team managed all the groundworks and trenching necessary to get the new power cables from the two substations to the underground UPS room, plus all electrical cabling between the UPS, electrical switchboard, and outgoing final circuits/distribution boards to the data halls.

Finally, we completed thorough on-site testing of the system using a load bank and proved the correct operation and battery autonomy to the customer.

Project Summary

One of the major considerations when designing any new UPS system is the total cost of ownership of the new system versus the existing units.

The new units are considerably more efficient than the existing units that were replaced, incorporating the latest industry leading technologies.

Using x4 new Riello Multi Sentry 100 kVA at higher loads versus x6 of the old Multi Dialog 80 kVA UPS units significantly reduced the client’s electricity use by around £32k a year which is a very significant saving.

The project was delivered, installed and commissioned, and tested including:

  • Switchboard Factory Acceptance Test
  • On-Site Load-bank Test
  • Battery Autonomy Test

The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

Sales Director and Project Manager Adam Baverstock said of the project.

“I think this was a unique project that really tested our engineers and installation team due to the difficult surroundings of the site, so to bring this project in budget and ahead of schedule was a credit to the teamwork needed.”


Cyberfort said of the project:

“Specialist Power Systems have been with Cyberfort from the start, and with their experience, professionalism and guidance have helped us grow as a business. They have a pragmatic and proactive attitude that is customized to our needs. SPS have performed seamlessly throughout every project. Delivering a quality installation every time”


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