What Is Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement

No no. As for other reviewers, I received an ACTION REQUIRED email instead. Ridgid/HomeDepot informs me that they “met a problem” and, of course, did not indicate what it was. This is not a good thing in Hawaii. There are no authorized service centers. So they expect you to pay to send the repair tool kit to California. I received homedespot to replace 2 of my batteries after several trips and arguments. He just called ridgid for the service. The batteries are dead on my 12vt light/drilling combo.

New batteries are due in 7 days — no charge for me. Oh, and they called right away! In my experience, I will continue to purchase Ridgid Tools b/c of their total value and lifetime warranty. Of course, until I win the lottery and I replace everything with Festool. Fortunately fellas lumber! I have a rigid Power Drill model R83015, IT IS COME WITH A LIFE TIME WARRANTY and the batteries (2) and charger came as a complete set and all have a guarantee of life. The problem now is that they “rigid” are no longer the 14.4 volt batteries they use and cannot deliver them. You can find them on Amazon, but not sure of their age, even if they say again. There is another brand replacement Hanaix 14.4V 3.0Ah Ni-MH replacement, has good and so reviews. Rigid customer service is not help.

I`m just going to buy Dewalt. I should have read until the end of this forum before submitting my previous comment on my experience with the Ridgid warranty service. Add two points: 1. In Canada, HD not with Ridgid guarantees – so you are required to go to an independent “Ridgid Authorized Service Center”. These can and do change. And since hd doesn`t really have a warranty responsibility, they can get away with telling you just about anything. 2. From what I`ve read, there`s no point in me spending time looking for my receipt for my now dead store — it was a display model and it arrived without a box. I asked and was told by the HD that it was covered by the warranty (and my recollection was “for life”). Did I say two points? – Just at the beginning. What is the legal difference between a “life guarantee” and a “life benefit contract”? When I bought my tools, they would have been covered by a lifetime warranty, and I have the literature that goes with it to support that.

Finally, why don`t battery tool manufacturers just sell spare batteries at a reasonable price? Why can I buy a drill (Dewalt) with two batteries for less than a spare battery? If you have used a debit or credit card, go to the customer service department who will print you another receipt. Personally, I experienced Milwaukee`s wonderful service on both tools, batteries and even heated equipment. No registration required, it is simply best to have your receipt for 5 years from the date of purchase. Otherwise, it`s 5 years from the date of manufacture. Honestly, five years is enough for me. After that, I`ll repair myself or on the latest gene 10 fuel 😉 All my battery tools were Ridgid. Most of them bought under the 3 month window or so when they first came out, when they offered a NO FAULT lifetime warranty Your suggestion that it takes 6 to 12 weeks to repair a compressor is unacceptable. It took you five days to respond to my initial email request. It`s poor customer service.

Being without tools for 6 to 12 weeks is unacceptable. He could also buy a new tool, something other than Ridgit. It`s as simple as that. If you have a lifetime warranty and your business only sells at Home Depot, HD has records of your purchase, you should back up every tool that enters independently of registration cards or any other nonsense.

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