Riello UPS Multi Power Range (15kVA-1.1MVA)

Product Description

The Multi Power modular UPS from Specialist Power Systems guarantees data centres and similar mission-critical environments scalable, secure and high-quality power.

The principle of modularity enables the Multi Power UPS system to grow alongside the application’s requirements, minimising the risk of wasteful oversizing at initial installation while optimising the total cost of ownership in the long-term.

The Multi Power offers a choice of power modules (15 kW and 25 kW both 2U in height, along with the standard 42 kW version). Smaller modules (15-25 kW) are housed in a dedicated compact cabinet (PWC X) just 60 cm wide, 105 cm deep and 120 cm metres high. It holds up to 5 power modules, while a maximum of 4 cabinets can run together in parallel.

The standard Multi Power chassis (PWC) accommodates up to 7 of the 42 kW modules, while it too can run 4 cabinets in parallel for a maximum capacity of more than 1 MW. It measures 60 cm wide by 105 cm deep by 200 cm high.  Alternatively, the range’s space-saving combination cabinets (CBC and CBC X) hold both power modules and battery units. These all-purpose cabinets are perfect for UPS installations where high power density needs to be balanced with a heavily reduced footprint.

Multi Power battery cabinets (BTC) hold multiples of 4 battery units (maximum of 36 per cabinet) with up to 10 parallelable together for long runtime applications.

The Multi Power is manufactured using specially-designed, custom-made components, including a three-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter that ensures full-rated power. Advanced, transformerless technology also delivers operational efficiency of up to 96.5%, minimising wasted energy. Comparable performance of up to 95% efficiency is even achievable carrying loads as low as just 20%.
Modularity minimises the risk of oversizing the UPS system at initial installation, as it can closely correspond to your load and redundancy requirements. But when it is time to expand, just add in extra power modules and “pay as you grow”. This reduces the initial financial outlay and spreads the investment over the total cost of ownership.

Each power module and battery unit making up the Multi Power is hot swappable. This ensures the UPS always remains available, as if there is ever an issue with one of the modules, the in-built redundancy picks up the slack. This principle extends to downtime-free maintenance too, as any of the modules can be serviced and even replaced without the overall system going offline. 

Wasted energy is minimised thanks to three speed-controlled fans inside each power module, which is built with three microprocessors – rather than the usual one – to enhance user communications. 

A sizeable 7 inch LCD touchscreen control panel enables user-friendly communication, while the UPS is fully-compatible with Riello UPS’s range of network communications software such as PowerShield3, which allows for monitoring and shutdown of all connected devices.          

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to Riello UPS in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

Product Specification

Capacity (VA / kVA)

15kVA to 1.1MVA

Form Factor



3:1 or 3:3

Run Time


Warranty Length

3 Years

Battery Type

VRLA AGM/GEL/NiCd/Li-ion/Supercaps

3 years

Optional Accessories

Here at Specialist Power Systems we offer a wide range of manufacturer specific accessories from a UPS Network Card through to an External Maintenance Bypass Switch. Please get in touch so we can ensure you get exactly what you need to stay protected.

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