Riello UPS Master MPS Range (10-200 kVA)

Product Description

A versatile solution, the Master MPS from Specialist Power Systems is suitable for protecting a wide range of applications, including electro-medical devices, industrial processing machinery, security systems and data centres.

Available in 11 power ratings and 3-phase input, 1-phase output or 3-phase input and output. A simple and efficient choice for installations where generators or MV/LV transformers supply the UPS. Eliminates harmonics and offers essential power factor correction.

Broad Range Of Solutions

Master MPS is available in 3-phase input, 1-phase output from 10-100 kVA, as well as 3-phase input and output from 10-200 kVA.

All versions include a 6-pulse thyristor-based rectifier and the choice of optional harmonic filters (12-pulse rectifier available on 60-80 kVA models).

Simple Scalability

Parallel 8 UPS together for increased power or battery autonomy. Possible to parallel models with different power ratings, while Hot System Expansion (HSE) enables you to add UPSs into an existing installation without switching to bypass mode.

Optimum Efficiency In Parallel Systems

Intuitive Efficiency Control System (ECS) optimises power consumption in parallel installations. At low loads, it puts some UPSs into a “sleep” mode, sharing out the work between the remaining units.

This ensures the entire system runs at the highest possible efficiency. N+1 redundancy guaranteed at all times.

Specialist Power Systems are an approved sales partner to Riello UPS in the UK with expert technical knowledge. Call us on 01234 851155 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you find the right product and support.

Product Specification

Capacity (VA / kVA)

10-200 kVA

Form Factor



3:1 or 3:3

Run Time


Warranty Length

3 Years

Battery Type

VRLA AGM / GEL; NiCd; Supercaps; Li-ion; Flywheels

3 years
Riello MPS 60 online UPS from Specialist Power Systems
Riello MPS 60 online UPS with front panel open from Specialist Power Systems
Riello MPS 160 online UPS with front panel open from Specialist Power Systems
Riello MPS 500 online UPS with front panel open from Specialist Power Systems

Optional Accessories

Here at Specialist Power Systems we offer a wide range of manufacturer specific accessories from a UPS Network Card through to an External Maintenance Bypass Switch. Please get in touch so we can ensure you get exactly what you need to stay protected.

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