Rarejob Tutor Agreement

Students are courteous, good platform, on the path tutor support, they are respectful of penalties re DTI, in my experience, walang mention employees if BIR kahit isang beses. However, can ibang Tutors na nagsabing pinapag-DTI nga sila. I think it depends on the RDO. Oo nga eh, nagulat din ako, pero sabi ni ate, at least 10 booklets daw kasi talaga. Hello! I`m the RJ tutor. Each month, the levy at source can be 10% ako. Does babayaran ba na tax as a percentage of each quarter at the monthly withholding tax? Is that in? -no increase in the basic rate – rate for the day of the week of tutoring which includes a number of late-night lessons -the lesson error I had help, by the way, thanks to the tutor blog NikkiB, which has many entries on their tax adventures. I also did my own research and discussed it with a number of CPAs and a lawyer. This sounds scary at first, but the registration process is actually simple, especially if you have the full documents and requirements. 🙂 The “real” ordeal begins when I start paying monthly and quarterly taxes, but with the help of our fellow tutors, I know we can all survive the painful aspect of an independent employee! Ganbatte! 😀 RareJob Tutor Agreement (You can only see this if you are already an RJ tutor; this is proof that we are contractors, not employees. The PDF link is located at the bottom of the page) I`m sorry, but I don`t get it. What about RJ`s tutors who earn less than 20,000 pesos a month? As a self-employed contractor for RareJob, you are not considered an employee, but a self-employed person.

Good evening! Thank you so much for that! very useful. Ako naman I think (pero urong-sulong pa due to money problems) na mag file na talaga not for travel / Visa reasons pero baka need his grant ng kiddo ko. University level na kasi sya by 2018 June. Sort of prove lang na hinde malaki ang income ko to acronym mom ako kaya we are looking for financial educational support for university training. Ja narinig ko nga yang DTI Registration kaya umurong din uli ako kasi ang laki na ng gastos. Meron pa nga pati Mayor`s Business Permit depends siguro on his RDO or city, where the tutor resides. Imus, Cavite ako. Teach never pa ako nag file pero 5 yrs na ako with RJ this April 2017.

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