Specialist Power Systems can provide your business with everything you need to support your standby power strategy. As an official SDMO / Kohler distributor we can offer the complete range of Kohler generators. We have a trained in-house team who have been supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining generators across the UK for over 20 years.

Part of our product portfolio includes Emergency Lighting Units / Central Battery Systems from the two leading manufacturers in the market, Socomec and Eaton. If your requirement is to protect emergency lighting or life safety applications, choose from our range of EN50171 certified products.

We also offer all related products needed to install and operate a UPS such as External Maintenance Bypass Switches (EMBS), Power Distribution Units (PDU) and 19” Equipment Racks.

Browse the catagories below for details of all the power products we offer or contact us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to discuss your power requirements with one of our team of experts.


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If you are looking for a standby diesel generator to provide backup power and want to work with a company who look at generators as part of a bigger backup solution, then we can help.  

Here is a quick overview of what we offer but please read on for full details of our standby generator offer.

  • The complete range of diesel generators from SDMO / Kohler (5kVA through to 3000kVA)
  • Unique turnkey approach including initial consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning, and ongoing generator maintenance
  • Bespoke generator solutions including full containerised builds and sound attenuated solutions to client specifications
  • Over 20 years’ experience supplying backup generators with expert in-house technical support and extensive project management experience.


We cover more details about our standby diesel generator offering below. We explain how our unique turnkey solution looks at generators as part of your overall backup solution and the reasons why we work closely with SDMO/Kohler.

If you would rather speak to one of our experts, call us today on 01234 851155 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your standby generator requirements.

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Over 20 Years’ Experience in Supplying Generators

Specialist Power Systems have been supplying, installing, commissioning, and maintaining generators for over 20 years and can provide the complete range of standby generators from SDMO/Kohler.

Purchasing a suitable backup generator can be a very complex process. There are many factors to consider including the following.

  • Location
  • Space planning
  • Autonomy
  • Starting currents
  • Harmonics
  • Synchronisation
  • Noise levels
  • Operating environment
  • Planning Permission Consent

The experts at Specialist Power Systems can help with all aspects of this process. We will spend time to understand the project brief and then provide the best solution.

Our Unique Turnkey Approach

Where Specialist Power Systems are different is that we can offer the complete turnkey solution to your standby power strategy, offering the entire range of products to build a complete solution.

Why not look at our other products which are often included as part of the broader standby power strategy. See our range of UPS and Emergency Lighting/Central Battery Systems.

Specialist Power Systems don't just look at the initial generator requirements. We also offer whole life support using our extensive generator service and maintenance contracts.

Often, we are placing the standby diesel generator into a much greater overall design. We take into consideration other sizing factors for equipment such as (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch, (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies and (AC) Air Conditioning.

We look at what type of loads are involved and whether they might be inductive, capacitive or reactive. By doing this we ensure overall system resilience from the outset.

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How a Standby Generator Works

Backup power can be provided for short to medium periods of time using just a UPS. However, this can become costly when applications require extended runtimes.

This is when a generator solution will be more suitable due to the high capital cost of large battery banks and the need for those to be replaced at the end of their respective design life (5 or 10yr intervals).

Typically for a backup generator to work in an automated way, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is connected to the mains power, the standby generator, and the load. If the mains power should fail for any reason, the ATS sends a signal to the backup generator to start up and automatically switches the connected load from the mains supply to the emergency generator supply.

It will take approximately 10-20 seconds following a mains failure for the backup generator to re-energise the load. To keep your critical systems up and running until the emergency generator takes over, you will need a UPS to sit between the ATS and the load for a seamless transition from mains to backup generator power.

Usually, critical systems will be fed from a UPS which will provide zero break in power in the event of a mains failure with other non-essential circuits going off for a short period before being re-instated from the generator supply.

The main advantages of a generator setup are that they provide longer runtimes, have significantly lower life cycle costs versus a UPS only setup with a large battery bank and can often hold a higher residual value over a longer time period.

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SDMO / Kohler Generators

We design, supply, install, and maintain generators for all your requirements. Offering a product range from 5-3000kVA using SDMO from Kohler - a well-recognised and valued European brand with a proven track record and a reputation for extremely good reliability in the UK.

Working with SDMO for over 20 years we have supplied generators into many different locations such as:

  • Capita SDMO J165
  • Lockheed Martin SDMO J88 & SDMO V350
  • RAF Fairford 2 x SDMO J110, 2 X SDMO J65, SDMO J88
  • Accenture SDMO D440kVA
  • Orchid Cellmark SDMO 2 x SDMO J220 & SDMO J110 & SDMO J44
  • Thales Defence SDMO D275
  • Connells Estate Agents 2 x SDMO J220
  • Cross Manufacturing SDMO J44
  • Fiserv SDMO D330
  • Cambridge Silicon Radio / Qualcomm SDMO V650
  • Wework SDMO J220
  • RM Distribution 2 x SDMO J88
  • RR Donnelley 1 x SDMO V770

SDMO/Kohler use only the top name engine and alternator brands in their generators such as Mitsubishi, John Deer, Volvo and Kohler.

SDMO are renowned for their excellent aftersales support in the UK, which includes speedy access to spare parts and factory trained engineers should the need arise.

We offer an industry leading 2-year Manufacturer backed Warranty for all SDMO/Kohler standby generators which we supply. This demonstrates the overall confidence we have with this equipment.

Specialist Power Systems can deliver bespoke factory build generator orders in a period of 8 to 10 weeks, plus we have a good level of standard product located in the UK, often available for immediate delivery!

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The Complete Generator Package

Implementing a standby generator solution is not always a straight-forward process, but here at Specialist Power Systems we have a very experienced team who will be able to help with all elements of the process including:

  • Consultancy – Initial discussions, site survey, client brief, future requirements
  • Design – Formed based on client consultation, survey findings and future requirements
  • Delivery – Management of all aspects including any cranage or non-standard hurdles
  • Installation – Electrical & Mechanical installation on-site
  • Maintenance – Ongoing servicing and call out contracts, engineer to site within 4 hours


Generator Service and Maintenance Contracts Available

To support our customers, we offer flexible generator service and maintenance contracts. Specialist Power Systems can provide total piece of mind and offer the flexibility to choose the level of service package needed to ensure that risks and costs are minimised throughout the lifetime of your generator.

So, if you are looking for a long run time back-up solution, get in touch with us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help.

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Central Battery Systems

Icon showing emergency lighting sign

Along with our range of UPS systems,we also supply, install, and maintain a range of Central Battery Systems suitable to meet strict British Standards EN 50171 emergency lighting requirements. Here is a quick overview of what we offer but please read on for full details of our emergency lighting products.

  • British Standard EN 50171 compliant
  • Complete range of Central Battery Systems from Socomec and Eaton
  • Experienced supplier of UPS and emergency lighting solutions
  • Supply, installation, and maintenance services available

We cover more details about our emergency lighting capabilities below. We explain what the difference is between a standard UPS and a CPSS (Central Power Supply System) and why we work with Socomec and Eaton to provide our essential safety backup products.

But if you would rather speak to one of our experts, call us today on 01234 851155 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your emergency lighting requirements.

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The Difference Between a Central Power Supply System and a UPS

A Central Power Supply System (CPSS) looks very similar to a standard UPS but has some unique features that make CPSS’s more resilient, such has higher fault clearance capability and quicker battery recharge times.

It is especially important that in a mains failure situation the inverter sizing is sufficient to clear downstream protection devices in the event of a fault.

Emergency Lighting or a CPSS is a specific type of back-up power system used with emergency and safety-related applications such as lighting, alarms, and security systems. They share many of the design and operational features of a typical online UPS but have significant differences that conform to strict Pyro ratings and regulations.

Since emergency lighting is a critical life safety installation, it is vital that a central power supply system used to power emergency lighting is designed with specific features conforming to BS EN 50171.

British Standards kite mark with EN 50171 underneath
Big tick alongside a list of criteria inside a circle

British Standards EN 50171 and What It Does

All Central Power Supply Systems must meet the strict criteria outlined in EN 50171 for use with essential life safety protection systems. The standard governs the below key safety features to ensure compliance.

  • Enclosures to be resistant to heat and fire
  • Battery chargers to be capable of automatically charging their batteries that have been discharged so that they can perform at least 80% of their specified duration within 12h of commencement of charge
  • Inverters shall be capable of permanently handling 120% of the load requirement for the rated duration
  • Inverters shall also be able to start the full load of a previously unpowered system, within the response time of EN 1838 in the mains failed mode
  • Batteries for central power systems shall be of a type having declared life expectancy of at least 10 years at 20°C ambient temperature
  • The battery and system design shall be capable of meeting the declared performance initially, during and at the end of the stated life

What to Consider When Choosing a Central Battery System

At Specialist Power we will spend time to understand your requirement to help you choose the correct Central Battery System for your business. It is important that all technical factors are considered, including

  • Input and output voltages
  • Load profile
  • Divisions of the load (maintained and non-maintained operation)
  • Transfer time in case of failure of the mains supply
  • Battery Autonomy Required
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Space Planning
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Icon of a fire extinguisher on top of a warning triangle

Typical Applications for Central Battery Systems

Central Battery Systems are used to power a wide range of emergency-related applications and devices in the event of a mains failure including:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire safety and prevention - fire suppression, smoke extractors and lifts
  • Alarms and other detection systems
  • Carbon monoxide warning systems
  • Life safety systems
  • Safety signs and other signalling installations

Required by Law for Evacuating a Building

A standard UPS does not meet the requirements of EN 50171 and should never be used for critical emergency applications. However, here at Specialist Power we can provide a range of emergency Central Battery Systems from Socomec and Eaton that meet the strict criteria. 

The EN 50171 Standard comprises a list of applications where a CPSS can be used, specifying the technical features to be used as a CPSS including the system testing requirements.

Emergency lighting icon alongside the law symbol
3D UPS battery icon with a clock showing 3 hours

Central Power Supply Systems require a combination of resilience, regulatory compliance, and ease of use and to meet these objectives, all our emergency systems incorporate the following features:

  • Minimum battery autonomy of 1 or 3 hours depending on application.
  • Short battery recharge times (recharge to 80% in less than 12 hours)
  • Sophisticated battery monitoring and battery care systems

Socomec and Eaton Emergency Products

As an experienced independent supplier of UPS and emergency lighting solutions, we work with Socomec and Eaton - two industry leading and high-profile CPSS manufacturers who provide the solutions for your emergency lighting needs.

We have worked with Socomec and Eaton for over 20 years, giving us an in-depth knowledge of their specialist emergency products and access to their first class technical support.

Both product ranges come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty when purchased through Specialist Power Systems. (Standard warranty is 1 year)


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Image of the London Stadium from the stands looking out onto the pitch

Specialist Power Win London Stadium Contract

A recent project using the Socomec EM Masterys range was at the London Stadium, home of West Ham United Football Club. We won a competitive tender to replace 22 Central Battery Systems. They covered a range of applications including security lighting, sprinkler sets, CCTV control centres and emergency lighting. From start to finish, the project was completed on a tight 6 week schedule, on time and on budget.

Following the award of the replacement program, Specialist Power were also awarded a 3 year service and maintenance contract to ensure the systems are maintained to manufacturer standards and in line with the 3 year warranty period included with the systems.

Panoramic photo of the London Stadium from the back of the stand
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So, if you are looking for an EN 50171 compliant Central Battery System, get in touch with us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help.

Browse our central battery products by clicking on the Socomec and Eaton EM ranges below.

Power Distribution

Icon showing a PDU

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is an advanced version of an extension lead you would find in your home used to power more than one electrical device.

PDU’s are usually placed within a 19” equipment rack and are designed to distribute power to multiple devices, these are often mounted vertically at the rear (Zero U type) or horizontally in a rack (for example 1U, 2U).

PDU’s have multiple outlets and can be made up of many different socket types to suit any specific requirement. They also come in single and three phase options and various power ratings from single phase 10 amp right through to 3 phase 32 amp typically.

There are many different PDU form factors and levels of sophistication and on this page, we try to explain the benefits of each type. Here is a quick overview of the different products we offer but please read on for full details of our PDU products.

  • Basic
  • Metered
  • Monitored
  • Switched

We cover more details about each of these products below but if you would rather speak to one of our experts, call us today on 01234 851155 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your PDU requirements.

Icon showing four different types of PDU
Basic rack PDU icon from Specialist Power

Basic Rack PDU

Basic PDUs provide reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment within a rack or cabinet which are low-cost entry-level strip solutions with no intelligence.

They meet a broad range of applications with almost unlimited different configurations available, typically providing a single input with multiple output receptacles in various socket types 3 pin UK plug, C13 10A and C19 16A and in both single and three phase versions.

Metered Rack PDU

Metered PDUs allow users to view power consumption data instantly from a local display which is ideal when deploying or moving equipment to monitor power usage and prevent overloads.

A metered PDU is normally best suited for environments where seeing basic information at the rack position is deemed sufficient.

Some models will show power by socket and some will only provide the power of a branch of circuits so careful consideration is needed when specifying this option.

Metered rack PDU icon from Specialist Power
Monitored rack PDU icon from Specialist Power

Monitored Rack PDU

Monitored PDUs provide a comprehensive view of power usage, both at the rack and via remote access typically via the client’s local area network. Monitored PDU's are available in socket-level and branch-level remote monitoring options depending on the requirements and level of sophistication required.

Monitored version offer quick access to critical information to evaluate energy usage trends as well as provide alarming capabilities to alert users of breaches in user-defined power thresholds. They are recommended for high-density data centres that want to monitor or improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Switched Rack PDU

Switched PDU's provide a comprehensive view of critical IT equipment power usage, both at the rack and via remote access with the added ability to remotely turn on, turn off, or reboot power at each outlet.

Switched PDU's also tend to provide all power monitoring benefits of the metred and monitored types but in addition have the capability to remotely control each socket.

They are extremely useful for data centres that require a quick and easy way to power cycle equipment in a large facility or, in some cases, an entire network of facilities. These are the PDU’s of choice for unmanned sites generally.

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If you wish to know more about any of the above PDU options then call us today on 01234 851155 or email [email protected] to speak to an expert.