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For 100 years, Kohler has earned a global reputation as a pure power expert — in large part to their strict quality standards.

Enduring the industry’s toughest testing process, including transient power testing, cooling sound and more, every part is built to work with the entire system and perform in the most demanding environments.

Their generators are equipped with Kohler innovation and built for nearly every application, powering everything from data centers and hospitals to water treatment facilities and government offices.

A Comprehensive Range for Every Power Requirement

Reliable, compact, user-friendly, and versatile, the PowerWAVE Series of generators (which includes our most popular D / J / K Series) are built to offer dependable power for all applications including healthcare, data centers, airports and many more.

These diesel generators are available in a wide range of power outputs, from 6 kVA to larger 825 kVA, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

They are all compatible with a variety of additional options and accessories that are offered to further enhance the performance and deliver the best user experience.

Using only the top name engine and alternator brands in their generators, (Mitsubishi, John Deer, Volvo, and Kohler) you can be rest assured that Kohler products will work when you need them most.

Benefits of Kohler Range of Generators

No need for complex installations and messy cabling with its simple plug and play design. Shipped ready-to-use ensures seamless and efficient integration into your existing power system.

The availability of lifting and handling points allows for greater mobility and to facilitate easy transportation.

With sound-attenuating enclosures that are quiet and rigorously tested, integrated cooling system and silencers, Kohler generators are completely self-contained.

  • General Specifications
  • Assembled soundproofing enclosures
  • Kohler cream beige standard colour
  • Rust-resistance with electro-galvanized steel panels coated with heat-hardening powder based on polyester resin as a form of rust protection.
  • High corrosion resistance for enclosure parts and fixtures
  • Acoustic sound treatment. Soundproofing and fire-retardant foam between 20-50mm thickness
  • Silent operation: High priority on noise reduction and conforms to 2000/14/EC noise emission standards
  • Modularity: Modular design without complex installation; maintenance and re-ordering of components now made simpler and hassle-free
  • Integrated fuel tank in generator skid
  • Power circuit break

PowerWave D Series 

Three phase (275kVA – 830 kVA)

A powerful series of three-phase UPS generators provide power ranging from 275kVA to a larger 830kVA.

Each generator is equipped with a Doosan engine for reliable backup during power failures and a bunded fuel tank minimises spillage, with additional fuel tank capacity to extend run time if necessary.

PowerWave J Series 

Three phase (22kVA – 250 kVA)

A series of three-phase UPS generators providing power from 22kVA to a larger 250kVA. Each generator is powered by a John Deere engine for reliable backup during power failures.

Bunded fuel tank minimises diesel spillage, with additional fuel tank capacity to extend run time.

For generators located in isolated areas, the double wall base frame with a 48 hour run time integrated fuel tank is available as an option.

PowerWave K Series 

Single phase (6kVA – 26 kVA) or three phase (9kVA – 44 kVA)

A reliable series of single and three-phase standby generators from 6kVA to 66kVA. Each generator is built with a high-performance KOHLER Diesel KDI engine to offer the optimum power to size ratio.

This means that they can be made more compact, thereby reducing transport and storage costs.

Available as an open generator or within an acoustic soundproofed enclosure to further minimise noise emissions.

Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty

We offer an industry leading 2-year Manufacturer backed Warranty for all SDMO/Kohler standby generators which we supply.

This demonstrates the overall confidence we have with Kohler equipment, to support your investment should anything go wrong in the first two years.

Excellent Aftersales Support

Kohler SDMO are renowned in the industry for their excellent aftersales support in the UK, which includes speedy access to spare parts and factory trained engineers should the need arise.

So, if there is a problem with your backup generator then you know that availability of spare parts is never an issue and support is there for you in the event of an unlikely failure.

Fast Build Turnaround of Factory Orders

Specialist Power Systems can deliver bespoke factory build generator orders in a period of 8 to 10 weeks.

Plus we have a good level of standard product located in the UK, often available for immediate delivery!


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