August 2021

Riello UPS Expands their NextEnergy Uninterruptable Power Supply Range


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New 800 kVA Model Added to the Riello NextEnergy Range

The super-efficient NextEnergy NXE range from Riello UPS has been boosted by a new 800 kVA version designed for larger data centres.

With the addition of the NXE 800, the NextEnergy range is now capable of powering parallel installations up to a massive 6.4 MVA, making it an ideal solution for the hyperscale and colocation data centres crucial in sectors such as telecoms, finance, commerce, and insurance.

Perfect for Large Critical Loads Such as Big Data Centers

Once again, the Italian company expands the NextEnergy series to power increasingly large critical loads such as big Data Center infrastructures, Colocation, (Hyperscale, Colocation), healthcare, transport, telecommunications, industries, banks, financial and insurance centres, or any other massive business-critical facilities.

Every day the amount of digital data that is processed and stored (e.g. banking online, insurances services, Social Media, remote communication, online gaming, trading, 5G, streaming network, etc), is increasing considerably and the implementation of new digital services seems to grow exponentially.

Front of Riello NextEnergy 800 kVA UPS

Scalable, Resilient and Adaptable

Data Centers must therefore be scalable, resilient, and able to adapt to these changing demands. The new 800 kVA includes all the proven features of the existing NextEnergy range and is offered in configuration with 2 or 4 switches to better respond to the specific site arrangements.

The new additional 800 kVA version, like the other 250 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 models available in the range, offers numerous advantages and is perfect for protecting the power supply of any type of Data Center.

The entire NextEnergy range is designed using state-of-the-art components and the latest technologies in the construction of online double conversion transformer-free UPS, ensuring maximum efficiency, power supply reliability and continuity of service delivery (Business Continuity), indispensable factors for any manager of critical applications.

Riello UPS "Best in Class" Performance

With "best in class" performance, such as unity power factor, load power capacity up to 40 °C without any power derating, extraordinary efficiency up to 97% in double conversion mode (ONLINE), and up to 99% in ECO, ACTIVE ECO or SMART ACTIVE operating modes, NextEnergy guarantees energy efficiency in all circumstances, reducing the operating costs, providing clean and safe energy with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

The reduced UPS footprint, the ease of connection from top to bottom, and full front-end accessibility for all maintenance activities ensure optimal space utilization and allows for wall-mounted or back-to-back installation. These features are essential for all those applications with space limitations, but also for companies that are interested in quickly updating their systems to be able to support the growth of the protected load.

The Riello NextEnergy range can work with or without a neutral line, meaning it is suitable for use in systems that do not require a neutral line, as is the case with many modern Data Centers.

LCD screen of Riello NextEnergy 800 kVA UPS

Lithium-ion Battery Compatability

Compatible with lithium batteries, NextEnergy offers an advanced communication interface and control system: simplified and specific supervision and connectivity for IT Facility Managers and service technicians thanks to the 7 "LCD touch screen display, communication slots, relay cards, and connectors.

The system can be easily integrated into any Data Center infrastructure building management system (DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management) and can be installed in systems with limited input power, such as diesel generators or other energy sources subject to contractual restrictions and delivering the additional power required by the batteries (Peak Shaving).

Sensational Scalability

Parallel up to 8 UPSs to increase power, autonomy, or redundancy. And Hot System Expansion (HSE) functionality enables you to easily add extra UPS without having to transfer to bypass.

Exceptional Energy Savings

As well as guaranteeing up to 97% efficiency in online mode, the NXE features several operating modes offering additional energy savings. ECO mode increases efficiency to 99%, while ACTIVE ECO achieves 98.5% efficiency and filters out harmonics without the need for any power factor correction.

Installation Flexibility

NextEnergy offers front to top ventilation and full front panel access for maintenance and servicing. This ensures a wide range of installation configurations i.e. side-by-side, back-to-back, against the wall. It also works with or without a neutral connection, potentially reducing installation costs of the electrical distribution system.

Lithium-Ion Compatible

The NXE 800 is compatible with li-ion batteries that are becoming increasingly popular as an energy storage solution.

Advanced Communications And Controls

Fully integrates with all major Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and monitoring software, thanks to a broad range of ports and slots for communication cards.

We Are an Official Riello UPS Power Reseller

For more information on the new 800kVA NextEnergy UPS or any other UPS from the extensive Riello portfolio just give us a call on 01234 851155 and speak to one of our Riello UPS experts.

We have been working with Riello UPS since 2002 and are proud to be both an Official Power Reseller and Authorised Service Partner for Riello UPS.

Have a look at the complete Riello UPS range of Uninterruptable Power Supplies we offer.

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