Dtla Adopter Agreement

The HDCP licensing agreement requires the devices to comply with the HDCP specifications and compliance test specifications. The license agreement does not require specific testing. Facsimile keys are included in the specification to test products under development. They can be used to assess that a device correctly indicates and generates secret values without having to keep the required secret for the “real” keys. The specifications provide a gradual transition from authentication using the facsimile key. If the device under development is able to perform the same process and generate the same values, the user can be sure that his device is working properly and generates the corresponding values as soon as the “real” keys have been loaded. They must be used exclusively for development purposes, as they do not authenticate with devices containing “real” keys and do not yet pass compliance tests. The lab test program is based on a first-come-first served basis and supports only one user per week. To request a test time, please email your application to [email protected] with your request and you will be informed of the available schedules. There is no charge if you accompany your device to the lab.

4. content holders www.dtcp.com/documents/licensing/dtla-adopter-agreement.pdf can encode DTCP-protected content without signing an agreement in accordance with DTLA`s IP statement, or consider signing a content participation agreement. The user is responsible for paying all shipping costs related to the delivery and return of the device. Once we have received the device, we will inform you of the week during which it will be tested and we will provide all testing protocols and reports after the end of the procedure. There is no charge if you accompany your device to the lab. Any user who does not renew their license should immediately stop using HDCP. As stated in Section 9 of the HDCP Licensing Agreement, “At the end of this agreement, all Adopter licenses will cease immediately and Adopt will immediately cease all use of HDCP, device keys, device keys and HDCP specification.” The agreement applies from the last date set on the signature page and is still the date that DCP has countersigned. No, if your agreement is terminated, you must restart the licensing process from the beginning. No, hdCP encrypted content must retain this encryption until the content is displayed on a presentation device. It is not permissible to remove encryption and convert it to another format that does not have approved content protection technology.

No, HDCP only protects HDMI, DisplayPort, UDI or GVIF interfaces. HDCP is not used to encrypt any form of content before reaching the connection between the receiver (set-top box, satellite, antenna). These signals are on the upstream side of the device. On the downstream page (connection between the receiver and the TV or another screen), hdcp is used. Please notify the current authorized hdcp contact (if possible) or your company signatory (CEO, president, vice president, etc.) by email to [email protected] that the authorized contact needs to be updated.

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