Save the Earth with our Eaton Products

Over recent years it has become apparent among experts that global warming  is a major problem posing huge threats to us all.

Energy production by the world’s power stations, to keep computing/network equipment in operation, throughout the world’s businesses and datacentres, is a major source of pollution and contributor to global warming, and increasingly so as the power required by network equipment for operation is growing year on year.

Eaton Powerware is one of the first global enterprises to take this message on board and for a long time have been tailoring their products to make them more ‘sustainable’. This will help businesses utilise electrical and mechanical power much more efficiently while significantly contributing to the protection of the environment.

Take the Eaton BladeUPS as an example; this modular UPS offers industry leading 97% energy efficiency even at low load levels, dissipating on average 65% less heat and providing a 70% reduction on footprint, making it a revolutionary power quality solution; and just the start of Eaton’s ‘green leaf campaign’.

This is just one of the ways that Eaton is helping to protect the environment through innovation.

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