Sentinel Dual Low Power 1000 – 3000VA

High density version of the Premium Pro on-line UPS range, and ideal for a variety of applications. The flexible design of this UPS means it can be used in rack or tower format, and and is available with battery extension packs for longer runtime applications.

Product Description

Designed to power critical loads such as servers, storage systems, telephone equipment, medical systems and industrial applications, and more, the SENTINEL DUAL is a high density version of the Premium Pro range of double-conversion on-line UPS.

The SENTINEL DUAL UPS is ideal for servers such as Blade with an input power factor close to Unity (1).

The SENTINEL DUAL UPS has can be used as tower UPS or within a rackmount cabinet, and takes up only 2U in height.

With a modern design and choice of functional formats, the SENTINEL DUAL UPS represents modern day technology and the UPS can achieve an on-line operating efficiency of 92%.

The SENTINEL DUAL is designed for business continuity applications that require long run times and can be installed with battery extension packs (ER models) with their own battery chargers.


• Filtered, stabilised, reliable output voltage: on-line double conversion technology (VFI in accordance with    IEC 62040-2 class C1)with built-in EMI filters
• High overload capability up to 150% from inverter
• Programmable auto-restart when mains power returns
• Programmable cold-start from battery
• Power factor correction (UPS input power factor close to 1)
• Possibility to extend autonomy for several hours
• Fully configurable using UPS Tools configuration software
• High level of battery reliability (automatic and manually activated battery tests)
• High level of UPS reliability (total microprocessor control)
• Input protection

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