Sentinel Dual High Power 3.3 – 10kVA

A UPS solution for server rooms and data centres looking for a high-performance system. The models are available in dual format – tower or rackmount – and offer a number of protection and monitoring features. The UPS offer a 1/1 or 3/1 configuration. Available with extended runtime packs.

Product Description

When in on-line mode the SENTINEL DUAL HIGH POWER is powered continuously by the inverter to remove sags, surges and brownouts, through EMI filters to suppress transients, spikes and electrical noise. Even on bypass the load is routed through the filters so that the load is not connected to raw mains.

When the mains fails, the SENTINEL DUAL HIGH POWER’S inverter which is constantly powering the load simply draws power from the internal battery to provide complete protection. 

In terms of technology, features (selectable On-line, Economy and Smart Active operating modes), and diagnostics such as the digital display, RS232 and USB interfaces, network adaptor card option and PowerShield³ software include. SENTINEL DUAL (High Power) is easily the best solution for protecting “mission critical” applications requiring the highest levels of reliability.

SENTINEL DUAL (High Power) is ideally suited for a whole range of applications from IT to security.

The Sentinel Dual HP has extended features such as:

  • extended run times
  • advanced communication
  • installation and ease of use
  • UPS operating modes
  • power quality
  • high reliability
  • advanced diagnostics
  • optimal battery management
  • enhanced electrical performance



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